Our Team

Luke Hura


Luke Hura is renowned as one of Australia’s leading Animal Film Trainers. His incredible career began over 35 years ago and throughout his journey, has worked on some of Australia’s most well-known Films and Television Shows.

Luke’s love for animals began at a very early age where he began to connect with them energetically and intuitively, with this ability allowing him to read and recognise their behaviours and thus he began to work with the animals on a more intimate level. This incredible gift steered him in the direction of training all types of animals for Film, Television and Live Stage Shows such as dogs, cats and birds just to name a few.

Luke is very well respected in the industry and is an obvious choice for any Producer to have as part of the film team. Some of Lukes career highlights include – Red Dog & Oddball being the highest grossing Australian Dog Films, Paws, Ned Kelly, Rogue, Neighbours, Blue Heelers, Rove Live, The Flying Doctors, Dingo, A Country Practice, Thunderstone, Halifax f.p, Sea Change, The Saddle Club, Kath & Kim, Rush and McClouds Daughters.
At present he is working on the highly regarded stage production Wizard of Oz that is currently playing throughout Australia, where his responsibilities include training and preparing Toto on a daily basis for the live shows, where there are no retaking of scenes! This reinforces Luke’s reputation in the entertainment & film industry.

Lauren Sellwood


Lauren has been in the TV / Media industry for 18 years beginning her career in the advertising sales team at Channel 9 in the year 2000. She has extensive advertising experience in both TV and Radio working with both small to large businesses, working on effective marketing strategies to build clients brand awareness in the market space.

Lauren made the career move to a TV Producer in 2013 and has produced over 200 successful TV Commercials to date. Some of her career highlights include the Plush Sofa’s Campaign, having the opportunity to work with incredible animal talent and film crew, they were able to produce a high end 60 second black and white film like TVC. Its here, that Lauren realised her true passion was working with the animals on film. To incorporate both loves, Paws On Film was created alongside Luke Hura.

Lauren is no stranger to the animal world, having had horses all of her life and riding competitively for many years she also trains and owns dogs, cats, alpacas, cows, chickens and turtles. Lauren is also involved with animal shelters in Victoria, volunteering in her spare time and providing foster care for the cats and dogs until homes are found.

Jason Hura


Jason Hura began his extensive career as a film animal trainer in 1994. Following his father’s footsteps and having the same unique quality of working with the animals in an intuitive way, Jason has become one of the leading animal trainers in Australia quite quickly. Jason specialises in working with Dogs, Cats Rats, Rabbits, Pigs & Sheep. Some of Jason’s career highlights are working on the following films & tv shows – Neighbours, Red Dog, Blue Dog, Larry The Wonder Pup, True Stories with Hamish & Andy, McLeod’s Daughters, The Saddle Club, Thunderstone, Driven Crazy, The Balanced Particle Freeway, The Last of the Ryans, Blue Heelers, A Country Practice, The Battlers and Law of the Land. Jason is an integral part of Paws on Film with his ability to train the animals and be on set with the animals when filming. This allows the on-set time to run more smoothly with his expertise readily available.

Leeza Hura


Leeza commenced her animal training back in 1995 with her initial focus being commercials with cats, before expanding onto other animals such as dogs, chickens, pigs and rats. Leeza learning the ropes from her father Luke Hura, excelled in the industry proving her connective work with the animals made her a stand out. Her first big movie was Paws before providing animal training for other well-known features such as Seachange, Blue Heelers, Underbelly, Neighbours, Offspring, The Secret Life, Red Dog, Odd Ball and Charlottes Web amongst a range of other movies and TV shows. Her ability to connect with the animals and bring the best out of them is well recognised throughout the movie and TV industry, and is a valuable part of the Paws on Film team.

Mark Austin


Mark is one of the most in demand Livestock Animal Handlers in Australia. He is 55 years old and has been involved in the film and tv industry for the past 30+ years.
Mark was involved in movies such as Dirty Deeds, Ned Kelly, Something in the Air, Hunter and many many more…
Mark is licensed to work and display Australian wildlife. He is the last private primate keeper in Victoria.

Marks animals include camels, donkeys, horses, monkeys, snakes and almost any farm animals imaginable.

Lance Anderson


Lance Anderson has been involved in the film industry for over 30 years. His worldly experience is second to none and he is one of the most highly respected and experienced stuntmen, safety officers and animal wranglers in Australia. Paws on Film are incredibly grateful and excited to have Lance join our team as a head animal wrangler, overseeing all the safety and action involving horses and livestock. Lance is best known in the industry as a stuntman and safety officer for some of the most high-profile and prolific Australian TV Dramas and Films such as Wolf Creek 2, The Water Diviner, Ghost Rider, Ned Kelly, Animal Kingdom, Romper Stomper, Where The Wild Things Are, The Killer Elite, Chopper, Queen Of The Damned, The Broken Shore, McLeod’s Daughters, Rush, Wentworth, The Leftovers (US), The Saddle Club and so many more. Lance has been a hugely successful rodeo rider for 30 years, with many often referring to him as a Rodeo Legend.

Dodo Kelly


Dodo has had a love for animals, particularly dogs, at a very early age and left school to train as a veterinary nurse 
before moving onto an apprenticeship as a canine beautician.
Arriving in Australia from Belfast Dodo worked in veterinary clinics in Sydney, Newcastle then Penang Malaysia.
On returning to Australia, with a young family, she took up dog grooming again owning & operating
four shops in the Melbourne suburbs.  
It was around this time Dodo bought a Labrador and took it to obedience school.
This started her passion for dog training and  ended up as an instructor at several clubs, doing private training with problem dogs plus enjoying competition trials. 
Dodo’s dogs have gained titles in Obedience, Retrieving (simulated hunting w/gundogs),
Tracking, RallyO, Endurance Test, Retrieving Ability Test and Track & Search.
Over the years Dodo has taken Puppy Classes in clubs, vets, pet establishments including
a full program and film for Dogs Vic.
And for many years Dodo ran the Golden Retriever Club Vic demonstration team “Team Golden” regularly appearing at many venues including the Royal, Pet Expo, Big Day Out for Dogs, Dog Lovers Show.
All this experience lead her to being asked to help Luke Hura with the “Bob Morrison Show”.
Since then, Dodo has been involved in numerous TV adverts, films and photoshoots with her own dogs and dog wrangled for projects such as Optimum, Schmackos and Larry the Wonder Pup.